fredag 10 februari 2012

Stjärnorna i Weeds ser sig om efter nya roller

Nealon och Kirk

Först att hoppa på en ny serie var Kevin Nealon som har skrivit på för NBC:s pilot "Isabel":

Isabel is based on a French Canadian television series called Le Monde de Charlotte about middle class family facing the usual challenges and the unusual addition to the list of problems of a daughter with magical abilities. Nealon has been tapped to play the father.


Och nu har även Justin Kirk skrivit på för en ny roll, även han till NBC:

Kirk is set to play the lead in new NBC comedy Animal Kingdom, not to be confused with the remake of the Australian crime family movie, Animal Kingdom, which is headed to Showtime as a TV series. According to Deadline, Kirk’s Animal Kingdom pilot will not be about cutting down some humans, but will be about saving the lives of some furry fuzzballs. Kirk will play a snarky veterinarian that loves the animals, but hates the people.


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