söndag 27 maj 2012

VH1 nördar ner sig i popkulturen

Do you have a really cool collection of pop culture memorabilia? Do you live in the Tri-State area surrounding New York City? If so, VH1 Classic wants to talk to you about a brand new show that is just about to begin production. Full details are available below!

VH1 CLASSIC is Looking for NYC/ TRI STATE area Pop Culture Collectors or Anyone with some amazing, unique or one of a kind Memorabilia!

Do you have a rare music or pop culture collectible? Something that no one else you know has? Have you ever wondered just how much it’s worth? Do you live in the NYC (Tri-State) area? If so, we’re looking for you!

VH1 Classic’s new half-hour series will explore the intricate world of music and pop culture collectibles. From vinyl to Mr. T Dolls (Yes, fools will be pitied), we want to see what’s out there, and hear the stories of how these treasures came to be. We’ll dig for 180 grams of black gold at vinyl shows, and hope to resurrect Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru at flea markets. We’ll visit the homes and storefronts of eccentric collectors, and we’ll seek out those who are hard at work creating the next generation of collectibles. Each episode will conclude with a few everyman collectors presenting their prize items to a team of experts, who will gladly put a price tag on their invaluable wares.

Nothing is too random! If it’s related to Music or Pop Culture (TV, Comic Books, Vinyl, rarity, etc) we want to see it! If your item is selected, you’ll have a chance to bring it to a team of experts who will let you know just how much your collectible is worth.

Via blog.vh1.com

Ännu inga datum för en eventuell premiär. Men detta låter som en intressant serie, jag som har snöat in på liknande upplägg inom andra ämnen välkomnar en serie om populärkultur och dess samlare Det är alldeles för lite nörderi i tv-rutan.

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