fredag 11 maj 2012

Mounted in Alaska - History Channel stoppar upp djur

Efter att "Moonshiners" har sagt tack och adjö på Discovery för ett tag sedan blev suget efter en ny serie stort. Och jag tror jag har hittat svaret, men det har inte något med hembränning att göra.

"Mounted i Alaska" följer en brokig skara människor som sysslar med att stoppa upp djur:

Located in Alaska, America's last frontier, Russell Knight has assembled a team of skilled craftsman who are preserving natural history every day. Mounted in Alaska will be the first series of its kind to take the viewer inside the exciting, entertaining and always challenging world of taxidermy. From concept to completion, we will see the real process of what it takes to preserve natural history--on a deadline, and always for a demanding client. It's a pressure-packed process full of non-stop challenges for Russell and his team. 

 With clients ranging from local Alaskans to African hunters, and projects as diverse as caribou and camels, Knight's Taxidermy sees it all, and they're asked to create and preserve some of the most remarkable mounts in the world. At Knight's Taxidermy, you just never know who’s going to walk into the shop, what they'll want or how the Knights will get it done.

Serien har premiär i slutet av maj, läs mera om serien här!

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