tisdag 3 januari 2012

Mr. D - Ny komedi om en lärare på CBC

MR. D is a half-hour weekly comedy that explores life in private school. Based on the stand-up comedy act of Gerry Dee, a former private school teacher for nine years, MR. D tells the story of an under-qualified teacher trying to fake his way in a teaching job, just as he fakes his way through life. Gerry Duncan has it made. He is a full-time teacher...finally! 

And what a gig he has landed: Mr. D scores a position at Xavier Academy, a prestigious and expensive private school in a small North American city for students in grades 5-12. Although thrilled to be teaching for a career, Gerry finds himself teaching not in his area of expertise - gym - but in the social studies department. How will Gerry interact with the staff and students at this high-status school? 

How will he teach a subject he knows nothing about? Easy: in Gerry's mind, he knows a little bit about everything - and what he doesn't know, he'll keep talking about until it sounds like he does. Gerry Dee, a regular at Just for Laughs and a contestant on Last Comic Standing, headlines MR. D. Starring alongside Gerry Dee is Jonathan Torrens as Robert Cheeley and Maestro Wes Williams as Paul Dwyer.

Premiär den 9 Januari på Kanadensiska CBC - läs mera om "Mr. D" här och här!

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