torsdag 19 april 2012

Ceefax, BBC:s motsvarighet till text-tv läggs ned

 The BBC is shutting down its iconic Ceefax service as the UK switches from analog to digital TV signals. Only two regions in England (Tyneside and Kent), as well as Northern Ireland, still have Ceefax service; the retro-style Ceefax will be entirely dead as of October 2012.

For those unfamiliar with Ceefax, it was a text-based news and information service delivered via television. Sort of like a proto-web page, Ceefax was first launched in 1974 as an aid for deaf viewers, i.e. "see facts". Picture a mashup of the daily news and Wagons West. 

 Läs mera här.

 Jag som svensk text-tvoman finner detta bissart. Text-tv är ju fortfarande populärt i Sverige och det skulle bli ramaskri om någon ens tänkte tanken på att fasa ut den.

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