tisdag 21 augusti 2012

Rik Mayall och Adrian Edmondson - The Young Ones, Bottom - gör en ny serie ihop igen!

Äntligen kan alla vi fans av "The Young Ones" (eller "Hemma värst" som det hette i Sverige) och "Bottom" mfl. serier/filmer pusta ut igen. Rik Mayall och Adrian Edmondson är tillbaka med en (ny)gammal serie. Det är deras scenframträdande från 1997 "Hooligans Island" (se klippet ovan) som skall bli tv-serie.

The premise of the show sees Bottom characters Richie (Mayall) and Eddie (Edmondson) marooned on a desert island in the middle of the Pacific. The characters initially aim to escape, but end up bickering and fighting instead.  
 The show, much like the TV series that came before it, was noted for its crude jokes and slapstick routines involving significant violence. The five live shows also saw the double act breaking the fourth wall to address the theatre audience, an action that was met with delight by those watching.

Via Comedy.co.uk

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