måndag 2 juli 2012

CW:s premiärer av Arrow och Beauty And The Beast framflyttade till oktober

Ja nu har alltså dessa två serier blivit senarelagda till oktober. De övriga fyra storas (CBS, NBC, FOX och ABC)  nya serier drar igång i september (med ett par undantag). Även deras (CW) övriga  utbud drar igång i oktober:

In what looks to be an effort to close down some of the long mid-season gaps that seem to hurt The CW's bottom line, the struggling network is holding off most of its fall premieres to October, giving viewers a chance to taste the big networks and grab them while they might be looking for an alternative.

That includes some genre shows including veterans "Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural" as well as newcomers "Arrow" and "Beauty and the Beast."

"Supernatural" will be one of the earliest starts for The CW, coming the day after "Hart of Dixie" on Oct. 3 as part of its new timeslot on Wednesdays. "Arrow" will join it a week later on Oct. 10, taking on the lead-in role, and either providing a boost to "Supernatural," or maybe getting a boost from the long-running show itself.

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