lördag 7 juni 2008

Akademikernas favorit?

Since it (Buffy, Fjärrkontrollens anm.) ended, the series has spawned enough academic books on the philosophy surrounding the roles of friendship and feminism to fill a 15-foot-wide bookshelf at the college in Arkadelphia, said Kevin Durand, an associate professor of philosophy.

Durand said more than 90 academic papers will be discussed at the conference. He expects about 150 people to attend and discuss the vampire slayer and Whedon's other works, including the television series "Firefly" and "Angel." Another point of discussion will be a lesser-known part of Whedon's work — his screenplay for the hit animated film "Toy Story."

Among the papers: "Buffy and Feminism," "Buffy and Identity," "Gender Stereotypes and the Image of Domesticity in `Firefly,'" "`Firefly:' The Illusive Safety of Big Damn Heroes" and a Durand favorite by a British scholar, "Hero's Journey, Heroine's Return: Buffy, Eurydice and the Orpheus Myth." Läs vidare här.

Helt otroligt - jag visste sedan tidigare att det skrevs en hel del vetenskapliga artiklar om "fenomenet Buffy" men att Joss Whedons andra verk också var så pass intressanta? Karln är ett geni, men någon måtta får det väl ändå vara?

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